Why do we need to expand?

  1. ADA Compliance – The library is not currently in compliance with ADA regulations in regard to entryways, bathrooms, stairs, elevator, furniture and shelf spacing.  The expansion would allow for compliance in all of these areas.

  1. Collection space – The library’s material collection continues to grow as formats continue to evolve.  Not only did we add ebooks, but we also added new platforms such as Bookpacks, Playaways, and Playways Views.  The Spanish Collection has been doubled and will continue to expand as the population continues to grow.  The addition of STEAM learning and the growth of educational teaching tools available in the library has created a need for a Makerspace to house these tools.

  1. Program Space – the library auditorium and East Building space for meetings are no longer sufficient to hold the number of attendees we have been getting at some of our programs.  The 2017 Christmas event alone brought in 121 people.  The event was too large for the auditorium so it was held in the Children’s area of the library.  The expansion will provide for a large 200 person meeting room that can be split into 3 smaller rooms so the library will have plenty of meeting space for programs and services and the community can still have space for community meetings.

  1. Change in Services – The library role in the community changes as the technology needs change.  We are here to provide service to our community and that means keeping up with technology and providing services to assist patrons with keeping up with technology. Some of our materials are available online and electronically, so we show patrons how to access these resources and utilize them.  We also help folks with online job applications and applying for benefits online.  Most employers these days only accept online job applications which causes problems for those who don’t use technology or don’t have access.  That is where we come in. To provide these services, we need meeting spaces that accommodate internet, computers, and work spaces. The expansion will provide all of these.

What challenges does the current library face? How does the expansion solve those challenges?